Terry & Marcia Stammen and Family
4965 St. Rt. 705 ● New Weston, Ohio 45348
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Springhill-OH Destry Anna now EX 92!
Springhill-OH Dest Anna-Red
Springhill-OH Dest Anna-Red (EX-92)
Anna was Reserve Sr. Champion Red & White Show and
2nd 4yr. old Black & White Show, OH State Fair
3-1 3x 157d 12,929 3.9% 510f 3.2% 409p

M-Riverview Destry Kalin now EX 92!
Ms Colt Hali-Red-ET
M-Riverview Destry Kalin (EX-92)
Destry x VG Damion
Kalin was 2nd in the National Holstein Futurity, OH State Fair.
She is due in March to Gold Chip and has embryos by Goldwyn.
2-2  3x  280d  25,315  3.9%  986f  3.1%  790p
+1970 CTPI

Tootsie's Atwood daughters, Tia & Trissa both EX 90!!
MS Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET
Gaige Outside Tootsie (EX-94 DOM 3E)
4-0 2x 357d 34,073 4.9% 1674f 3.3% 1127p
Outside x Gaige Tamara

Wabash-Way ATWD Trissa
Wabash-Way ATWD Trissa (EX-90)
She has embryos by Gold Chip.

Wabash Way Atwood Tia

Tia’s current record: 201 D 42,592 M 4.39% 1,871 F 2.78% 1,186 P.
She’s bred to Beemer, with plans for invitro.

Bingland Atwood Annie EX 91 & 5th National Holstein Futurity

Atwood  X  EX Dundee
Annie has daughters by Alexander & Elite

Rain’s red daughter by Gold Chris is now EX 90
MS Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET
Markwell-KR Bolton Rain-ET (EX-90)
2-0 2x 365d 35,160 4.6% 1607f 3.6% 1282p
Bolton x EX Jordan x The Ravens

More RED & EX!
Wabash-Way Planet Ariel-ET
Pineybrook Spice-Red (EX-92 2E)
5-2  3x  329d  36,566  3.7%  1339f  3.0%  11149p
Spice now has
red daughters by Secure (VG-88) & Advent (VG-87)
red grandaughers by Acme & Absolute

Twinkle’s dam now VG 88!

Wabash-Way Braxton Twinkle
2nd Int. Yrlg. Heifer, 2014 World Dairy Expo
1st Int. Yrlg. Heifer, & Reserve Jr. Champion, 2014 Eastern National
1st Int. Yrlg. Heifer, & Honorable Mention Junior Champion, 2014 Mideast Spring National

Braxton X Wabash-Way Goldwyn Tamara-ET VG 88
4-0 2x 357d 34,073 4.9% 1674f 3.3% 1127p

Named as an  Elite National Performer!
Wabash-Way Bol Adria (VG-88)
Her  credentials:  1,048d  103,000M   4.450F  3,704P
Her dam:

Wabash-Way Andreana-ET (VG-88)
Gold Medal Dam & Dam of Merit

1st Winter Calf & Honorable Mention Jr. Champ, OH State Fair!

Wabash-Way McCutchen Edin

Mc Cutchen  X  Crown from the Mtoto Elly family.

More from the "E" Family

Emilyann's Full Sister
MS Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET
Wabash-Way Shot Ellisa-ET (VG-87 DOM)
4-8  3x  339d  43,907  4.7%  2045f  3.5%  1533p

Daughters by:  Super, Palermo & Armitage
Sons at Taurus:
76H656 Eaton by Super
76H685 Erratic by Iota

Owned with Witter & Chlus

Emilyann's Jetstream maternal sister
MS Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET
Ms Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET (VG-86)
2-3  2X  365d  34,630  3.5%  1210f  3.8%  1301p

Milking daughters by:  Super, Dempsey & Windbrook
Mogul Eloisa +2290G
Mogul Echo  +2368G

Iota & Numero Uno daughters from Elia
MS Wabash-Way Jet Elite-ET
Wabash-Way Goldw Elia-ET (EX-90)
Goldwyn x Elita's Jet Stream
3-10 3x 365d 38,706 3.9% 1496f 3.2% 1220p

*Look for Wabash-Way bulls at Taurus, Select Sires, and Semex!*

Wabash-Way Holstein Farm is located in west central Ohio and is owned and operated by Terry Stammen & Family. The dairy consists of 300 acres and 250 milking Holsteins. The Stammen Family has been involved in breeding and showing Registered Holsteins for 30 years, striving to develop an elite herd of profitable cattle that excel in production, type and longevity. Embryos from the herd have been marketed to Japan, France, Italy, Argentina, Holland and Germany.


The Stammens
4965 St. Rt. 705 ● New Weston, Ohio 45348
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